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Classica Collection

Looks can certainly be deceiving. From far away, you see wood. Up close, you see durable, low-maintenance steel with a gorgeous look. Enjoy an authentic carriage house look coupled with modern functionality to enhance your home’s exterior.

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Larger Windows

You’ll see the difference right away, with bigger windows, more natural light and increased vertical appearance. The result is a more authentic carriage house aesthetic.

High R-Value

Enjoy exceptional energy efficiency that helps you maintain the temperature in your garage throughout all seasons. Comfort, beauty and energy efficiency all in one!

Safe Guard Pinch Protection

Designed to promote hand and finger safety, these doors feature a safe guard built right in that protects your family and guests from accidents.

Wind Load Doors

These garage doors are reinforced to meet or exceed any wind building codes for your area. You get peace of mind and a stronger door plus beauty to match.

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