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Olympus Collection

The Amarr Olympus gives you the ultimate in protection, thanks to a top-notch insulation R-value of 19.40 or 13.35. The result is a durable low-maintenance door that gives you quiet operation and energy efficiency.

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High R-Value

Maintain the consistent temperature of your garage with a high R-value rating and exceptional energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

Our doors, insulated for augmented thermal properties, also offer quieter functionality for your convenience and comfort.

Mosaic Window Options

Add some much-needed visual appeal to your mid-century modern, contemporary or transitional home with our versatile Mosaic Window Options. Select the number and location of windows to come up with a truly unique design.

Heavy-Duty Hardware

Providing long-lasting durability and lifespan, your garage door is complemented by the strongest hardware that’s also beautiful to look at.

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